Chris Darling helps bridge the chasm between the stigma of mental illness and society’s reluctance to discuss it. As a community leader, Chris’s platform fuels her mission to motivate audiences to talk about mental illness more openly. As someone who lives with her own mental illness, she inspires through stories - some harrowing, some hilarious - all designed to connect a wider audience with this “taboo” topic in a relatable way. Chris is founder and owner of Darling SEO, and an active member of the Christiana Rotary Club.

The way we treat mental illness in this country is the different than the way we see any other medical condition... As many as 400,000 of the inmates held in our nations prisons and jails suffer from mental illness. I often wonder how many of those incarcerated could have walked another path.


Let's Talk About Mental Illness - Chris Darling - TEDxWilmingtonSalon

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