Chung Kao is incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison. He is a student and proponent of mindfulness in prison. At a TEDx event at San Quentin he talked on "Finding My Center in Prison"

Chung Kao writes: "Chung Kao has been incarcerated for 23 years for second-degree murder. He has a BA in Economics and was a business school grad student when he committed his crime. Suddenly caught in the brutal reality of prison life, with no hope for the future, Kao quickly learned to reciprocate violence and aggression. This would lead to his getting swept up in the malevolence of prison life.

Grieving for the loss of his father in 2001 would give Kao time to reflect. He realized that his preoccupation with being perceived as masculine had stunted his inner growth and caused him to regress. He then began to meditate and taught himself tai chi, which he practices along with zazen and yoga. Through meditation he is able to ground himself and find inner peace, realizing that the solutions to personal and interpersonal issues are always within, not outside, himself."

He who knows others is clever, He who knows self is enlightened. He who overcomes others is shrunk, he who overcomes self is mighty.

Finding My Center in Prison - Chung Kao - TEDxSanQuentin

Finding My Center in Prison - Chung Kao - TEDxSanQuentin

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