Dan Slepian is an accomplished TV news producer who volunteered to help the men incarcerated at Sing Sing speak to the young people in the communities from which they came about gun violence and about the consequences of violence.  

I know how it feels to have destroyed a family...

Please, listen to the men from "Voices from Within" share their stories with you from the TEDx event at Sing Sing - about choice, about regret, about loss:

Voices From Within - Dan Slepian - TEDxSingSing

Voices From Within - Dan Slepian - TEDxSingSing

Dan Slepian is an award-winning investigative producer and an 18 year veteran of NBC’s venerable newsmagazine, Dateline -- where he has developed and produced dozens of episodes, complex hidden camera investigations, and breaking news segments. Referred to as “A TV News Gumshoe” by The New York Times, Slepian’s investigations have helped solve cold cases, assisted in exonerating wrongfully convicted inmates, uncovered corruption, sparked changes in laws, and led to the shutting down of illicit businesses. He also conceived and developed three separate recurring hour-long series: “Vegas Homicide,” “Vegas Undercover” and “Wild, Wild Web.” The work he’s done at NBC has appeared on the Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic, CNBC, Court TV, MSNBC and Netflix. Slepian graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook where he currently serves on the Journalism School’s professional advisory board.

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