Doug Crabb a former inmate at Marion Correctional shares his experience of reconstructing trust during his time inside.

In his 24 months since release, he's building a family, working full time, and going to school for programming.

I grew up in a very volatile environment. It was not conducive for healthy relationships or building trust. This environment caused me to grow up to be a warrior - someone who only acted on one emotion: my anger...I was just a poor kid who was broken inside. My angry outbursts all they were was a cry of my inward pain and heartache...When a child is born, they are innocent and all they know is what they're taught and what they see. It is so important for us to continue to foster healthy relationships and build bonds of trust with those children. It's also important to rebuild those bridges that have been broken down.

Reconstructing Trust - Doug Crabb - TEDxMarionCorrectional

Reconstructing Trust - Doug Crabb - TEDxMarionCorrectional

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