James White is a veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps for six years as a helicopter crew-chief. He flew in Cuba, then combat flying in the Civil War of Santo Domingo (1965), and an extended tour in Vietnam. He then inter-service transferred into the Army as an officer, where he served as a helicopter pilot. He served in various airborne units while serving multi-tours in Vietnam, first flying ‘Aero-Scouts’ and then Cobras for a classified operation.

Jim is a disabled veteran from the Vietnam War currently incarcerated at Ironwood State Prison. He has written and published books about his military service, including a well-received book "Laotion Highway Patrol", which is a historical novel based on his flying Cobras for MAC-V-SOG. Jim is a Life Member of the Special Operations Association, the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association, and the Disabled American Veterans Association. He is the co-founder of the HMM-262 Helicopter (Vietnam) Association. He and his wife have four children.

It's about planting seeds... everybody here knows this is an apple, and everybody in this room, every one of you, can count the seeds in an apple. But none of you... can count the apples in this seed

Johnny Appleseed - James A. White, Jr

Johnny Appleseed - James A. White, Jr. - TEDxIronwoodStatePrison

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