John Fetterman is the current Mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania. He was educated at Albright College and Harvard University.

He moved to Braddock in 2001 and won the Braddock mayoral election in 2005. He has focused on trying to revitalize the economy in Braddock. He has also introduced youth and art programs, created a community center, and has tried to promote development of the town's mostly ruined buildings and poor economy. As part of this he has bought and renovated houses in the town, and offered them as low or no rent homes.

At the TEDx event at State Correctional Institution – Pittsburgh, John Fetterman talked about the past and present of Braddock

In many ways I have the best job in the world, but in many ways it's also the most wrenching

Braddock - John Fetterman - TEDxPittsburghStatePrison

Braddock - John Fetterman - TEDxPittsburghStatePrison

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