Maurice Reed is incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison. At a TEDx in Prisons event at the facility, he gave a high-energy hip-hop performance that chronicles an average day for an inmate at San Quentin.

Autobiography[edit | edit source]

Maurice Reed is a natural-born performer who is a leader in San Quentin’s performing arts community. For the past three years Maurice has been a member of the Marin Shakespeare Company at San Quentin. He also participates in the Artistic Ensemble where members connect, share, and express life experience through body movement.

In his spare time, Maurice enjoys listening to Rhythm and Blues, Pop, Country, and Hip Hop music. From acting on stage to writing poetry, each of these activities contribute to him pursuing his life’s passion of being a rapper/song writer.


Welcome to San Quentin - Maurice Reed - TEDxSanQuentin

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