Monroe Correctional Complex is one large complex consisting of four separate facilities located between Everett and Wenatchee. It houses 2,400 maximum, close, medium and minimum custody male inmates.

In March of 2014, the facility hosted its first TEDx in Prisons event, "Turning Keys"

TEDxMonroeCorrectional program cover

The Monroe Correctional Complex (MCC) is using TEDx as a vehicle to address and share ideas surrounding prison reform. On a national level, sentencing reform and prison capacity is a growing concern as addressed at the highest level by Attorney General Eric Holder. In true Washingtonian fashion, MCC would like to be the catalyst to address those issues head-on by providing our most innovative thinkers, both staff and offenders, with a forum to prove to the global community that Washington sets the bar in the world of Corrections.

By having a TEDx in a prison setting, we are taking a national and global stance on prison reform and how we can improve upon the practice for public safety. Including staff and offenders to be speakers alongside our Community Guest speakers, our event proves the answers do not lie within those outside the walls of confinement, but can be found within those who live the life each day.

TEDx Monroe Correctional Complex promises to be a day addressing the ways we think about prison and how that can change prisons. Not through massive changes that can take years or decades, but hundreds of small changes that can foster positive change in days or months.


From Kathleen via Still glowing from the prison TEDx Event

I’m inspired by the many ways we have to support healing already and I’m hopeful that we can grow that support exponentially to embrace more of the prison system.

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