Patricia Beebe is the President & CEO of the Food Bank of Delaware. She has a strong passion for hunger relief efforts. In her role at the Food Bank of Delaware Beebe strategically engages community members, foundations and other public and private sectors to form vital partnerships that advance the organization’s mission of providing long-term solutions to the problems of hunger and poverty throughout Delaware. Patricia created a professional culinary training certification program that provides opportunities to unemployed and under-employed individuals and community members re-entering from correctional facilities each year. Ms. Beebe spoke to the audience at Baylor Women's Correctional Institution during their TEDxWilmington event. Second chances are key to her leadership style, team building and program development and allow her to be the best person she can be directing her passions towards human services. She is where she is today due to being granted second chances. Can we, as a society, get close to communities in need and give them second chances?

I have observed that society is risk averse and consequently, second chances are even more difficult to come by. We are not rewarded for challenging current systems...The current systems can withhold opportunity particularly for those who are experiencing adversity...We wonder why people lose their way; what they are searching for is a second chance.


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