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Historically, prison has been a place of separation and punishment.

The goal of TEDxSanQuentin is to use the global TEDx platform to bridge the divide between society and prisoners to promote safer and healthier communities. We believe that when we bring together correctional staff, prisoners, victims, law enforcement, innovative thinkers, and influential people from all walks of life, we will be able to find more ways to rehabilitate offenders and reduce crime in communities.

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TEDxSanQuentin promo

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From Gary A. Bolles via TEDxSanQuentin: Life Revealed one counseling group at San Quentin, the 28 men in the group added up their allotted time of incarceration, compared against the amount of time it took them to make the decision (“…on the worst day of their lives”) that put them in prison. Their total: 728 years of sentences already served, against 4 minutes and 26 seconds of reacting.

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