Sharon Kelly Hake is the President & CEO of Great Dames, Inc. – a social enterprise that provides services and opportunities for women to enhance their personal and professional leadership abilities while creating a legacy. Formerly Sharon had a very successful career as a global marketing and strategy leader at DuPont, during which she learned from her global colleagues, travelled extensively and lived abroad. She was taught by her father the value of creating a legacy which transpired into her founding Great Dames. She is an inspiration in her community connecting kindred spirits with purpose to activate their strengths.

I interviewed hundreds of leaders from all walks of life and patterns emerged...Great leaders listened more than they spoke...They were givers and they looked for opportunities to serve but the most important thing I learned is that we all have the potential to be a great leader we just need to embrace that second chance.


Discover Your Inner Leader - Sharon Kelly Hake - TEDxWilmingtonSalon

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