The State Correctional Institution in Pittsburgh is a is a low-to-medium security correctional institution. It was built at it's current site in 1882, moving from the original site 1882. It was originally know as the "Western Penitentiary". The prison accommodates more than 1500 low to medium security inmates, most of whom require treatment for substance abuse problems. The facility also provides intensive out-patent treatment.

The prison is operated by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and is located within Pittsburgh city limits on a plot of 21 acres of land. The facility was closed from 2005 to 2007 due to low inmate numbers at that time, and concern over the layout of the prison.

As well as several different abuse treatment programs, the prison provides vocational courses including custodial maintenance, electrical wiring, barber management, and business education. There are also educational programs allowing inmates to study for their GED. The facility has several specialized housing units, including special needs and oncology and hemophilic patient units.

A TEDx event on the topic "Your Moment in Time" was held in at the institution in June 2015.


Organizers: Janet Kelley and Delia Cohen

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