Steve Hickman and Dave Butler

Steve Hickman and Dave Butlerat at a TEDx In Prisons event in Marion State Correctional

The TEDx Program is a program that allows people to hold TED-like events independently of the main TED talks. Talks are arranged with an overall theme, and can contain live performances of art and music as well as the core talks. To start a TEDx event, organizers need to obtain a free licence from TED. This allows them to use the TEDx name. TEDx events must be non-profit (an entry fee to cover costs is allowed) and adhere to TED principles - including releasing videos of the event under a free, Creative Commons licence. There are now more than 30,000 videos in the TEDx library.

TEDx talks have been held in more than 130 countries and includes events for young people as well as adult groups in venues ranging from libraries to prisons.

The TEDx In Prison events started with an event as Marion Correctional Institution in April 2013. The theme was "what's next" and included talks from people incarcerated at Marion CI as well as outside speakers. The prison events have now expanded to seven institutions.

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