TEDxinPrisons Sing Sing
The first Tedx event at Sing Sing Correctional Facility was held on December 3, 2014. The theme was Creating Healthy Communities and included performances from Carnegie Hall at Sing Sing, Ice-T and Gina Belafonte. The goal of the event was for visitors and inmates to explore the theme from a variety of perspectives, including individual, physical, mental, and emotional health, to talk about how to work together to build a nourishing and supportive community, no matter where you might be; even in a maximum security prison like Sing Sing.

The event was organized by Emily Patka, the Academic Coordinator at Hudson Link for HIgher Education in Prison.

Production team Edit

Emily Patka Organizer Sean Pica Co-organizer
Jonathan Demme Co-organizer Sean Gallagher Co-organizer
Emily Gallagher Co-organizer Lori Mazzola Co-organizer
Angie Martinez Team member Todd Young Co-organizer
Dennis Martinez Bass Player Isaias Umali Guitarist
Darren Steward Pianist/Vocalist Kevin Williams Hospitality Co-ordinator
Jermaine Archer Master of Ceremonies Mark Dixon Story Teller
Javier Mercado Hospitality Andre Jenkins Hospitality
Manuel Mena Hospitality Kevin Collins Vocalist
Mark Boatswain Hospitality Dario Pena Hospitality
Marcello Douglas Hospitality Robert Pollack Guitarist/Singer
Alfred Roberts Vocalist Christopher O'Neill Event Curator/Content Manager
Robert Rose Production Manager Jon-Adrian Velasquez Event Curator/Project Coordinator
Lamont Bryant Hospitality Paul Hinds Vocalist
Robert Brodie Hospitality Samuel Morris Hospitality
Tyrone Abraham Hospitality Stephen Braithwaite Biographical Profiler
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